Today was rough. One person undermined years worth of my careful planning, hard work, and hard-won relationships, all of which have yielded — until today — successful project. To make it worse, it was done in a way that calls into question my character and ability. And the destruction was needless and unwarranted. My anger and frustration consumed energy and thoughts that I needed to focus elsewhere — on writing my own paper. I can’t tell you if your work travails correlate to your sight or not. But I can tell you that you aren’t alone in feeling stuck in a stony, thorn-filled garden. A healthy theology of vocation helps pull me through: Work wasn’t meant to be this way, and our garden — and fellow gardeners — won’t always be cursed. The depravity that I experienced from others today still resides in me; but for the grace of God I would been more destructive today. Press on in knowledge and grace.